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" हारे का सहारा बाबा श्याम हमारा "                                         " ॐ श्री श्याम देवाय नमः "

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Starting with a vision of bringing a spiritual revolution in today’s society, Jameson is a respected name in the incense industry. We have only one aim– to bring the youth closer to spirituality. The world is in a disturbing place right now and our target is to spread peace and happiness in whichever way we can. And what’s a better way than making the air your breath fragrant and full of sweetness? Our incense products are made using naturally derived ingredients which are 100% eco-friendly. So when we say they are organic, we mean it! 

Our customers are testimony to our endless efforts to multiply the blessings and take you deep     in your spiritual journey. Moreover, like the purity of your divine connection, our products are made with pure love combined with unadulterated ingredients. At Jameson we strive for customer satisfaction, promising to deliver only the best products to your door. 

Apart from making rich aromatic products, the Jameson group is also committed to giving back to society and the soil that nurtured it. We believe the only way to bring a change in the community is by imparting valuable education. Hence, we aim to provide underprivileged students with substantial education so they could be the flag bearers of an evolved society. Apart from this, our team is dedicated to building temples in and around Delhi to enhance the spiritual sense of being. We also provide pilgrims with free bus Seva to dharmic places proving our devotion towards our Dharma!

Jameson is not just a product-selling company but a spiritual movement in itself. We invite you to join us on this pious journey!


It was a moment of enlightenment when our CEO, Arjun realized that he has a purpose to serve in this world and since then there’s been no looking back. A highly motivated human who believes in the power of eradicating evils of society through continued good deeds. Being a youth himself, Arjun feels deeply about the situation our youth is in right now. The widespread disease of doing drugs disturbed him and he promised himself to be the torch-bearer of change. And with this vision, he founded the Khatushyamji Group Trust, which is dedicated to setting the youth free of their drug addiction.

It was his belief that the right way to approach this problem is by educating the uneducated and spreading widespread awareness about the demerits of drug addiction. What started with a single human being has now turned into a whole movement with volunteers spread across the country. Their “Say No To Drugs” campaign garnered huge attention from the youth and these young people now carry the movement on their shoulders. Additionally, the NGO is working relentlessly on the ground level on various social and religious issues that surround our community. So far, they have gathered great responses from the people and aim to not stop at anything! 

Much like Arjuna from Mahabharat, our CEO, Arjun also believes in completing his Dharma with Karma.

Our Process


we procure the best quality and standard products and components to make our products

Processing at plant

our plant consists of blenders , mixers , pulverizers and grinders and several packing units we believe in less but hygienic human touch process to maintain high qualilty standards

Quality check Indents

Before indenting goods to warehouse, we test each and every batchfor quality, indenting the right quality of organic prodcuts hlps usto offer consistent and best quality always

Hygienic storage

we ensure our warehouse and offices to be kept in best hygieneic environment. we keep periodic maintenance and pest control sessions of godown factory unit and our offices


for maintaining freshness of compound, organic and naturally prepared products necessary to control climatic factor's like humidity temperature. At dur Warehouse we ensure that goods are stored and handled properly to maintain freshness and derive maximum shelf life for our products


we strive to maintain minimum lead time for order. It is utmost necessary for us that no goods leave our Factory without final quality Inspection

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